Inspiring Women Profiles

Because WOVEN exists to value women and help them do the same for themselves, it is a privilege to honor those who have overcome, achieved greatness and who inspire others to do the same. Enjoy reading about our Women of Value and be inspired to tell others so they can also be inspired to achieve their destiny of greatness!

Faye Beecher

WOVEN is privileged to honor an extraordinary woman who, against devastating odds, is raising two wonderful young grandsons.

Many years ago, Faye and her late husband, Dave, adopted their two grandsons at birth, two years apart while their mother was incarcerated. A few years later, when the boys were 13 and 15, Dave passed away. One year later, Faye lost her oldest daughter, who had been her “rock” after Dave’s death. Faye’s only son was then incarcerated, her youngest daughter was diagnosed with a tumor on the spine that left her confined to a wheel chair, unable to care for herself.

It was in the midst of this tragedy that the boys’ mother returned from prison only to steal her mother’s identity (while Faye was bedridden with a hip replacement), and bankrupt the family to the point of the children losing the only home they had ever known. The family was devastated.

In spite of these painful years and Faye’s ill health, she continued to pray for her “boys,” love, support them and encourage them to greatness. The oldest has just graduated from VCU with a degree in business and the youngest is in his second year of college . They have vowed to take care of their grandmother in the same ways she has always cared for them.

Faye is a walking inspiration of persistence, faith, and unwavering love in the face of unspeakable challenges. That’s why she has been selected as WOVEN’s first Woman of Value.

Charlene Bragg

WOVEN is privileged to honor an extraordinary woman who, against devastating odds, is inspiring all she meets with humor, tenacity and unwavering faith.

For years Charlene and her husband, Pat, lived the ideal American life. Pat had a successful business and played drums all over the city, with the beloved Kings of Swing. Their two children, Lacy and Adam were the perfect combination of beauty, talent, intelligence and social success. Charlene loved her job at her church, working in the office of world missions.

Suddenly life as she knew it was altered forever with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Her mobility fluctuated between bed, wheel chair and walking occasionally. Intermittent blindness and other setbacks sometimes rendered her completely dependent on loved ones, especially her young son., who was always ready to help. She had to give up some of her independence, her health and finally the job she loved. But these were small sacrifices in light of the horror she was about to face.

One spring evening in 2002, her sweet Adam, seventeen, was riding with a friend to a Bible study. Both Adam and his friend were killed in a tragic accident. Time and life seemed to stand still. The minutes, hours, days, weeks and years passed with Charlene dealing with her unthinkable loss, one moment at a time, one memory at a time, one heartbreaking reality at a time.

Slowly, through the years, she began to emerge from the smothering fog of grief and turned her pain to passion. Even from her wheelchair, she began to direct a ministry that collects household goods for those who have none. Her indomitable spirit, unwavering faith and contagious sense of humor inspire all who know her.

That’s why she is one of WOVEN’s Women of Value.

Kim Dunham~Christian

Just seeing Kim Quigley surrounded by her ten children makes one say, “WOW!” even before you know anything about her life. Once you hear her story, you will see why she was WOVEN’s choice to honor as one of its Women of Value.

Kim endured a lifetime of abuse, including multiple rapes. Through it all she kept positive, hoping that life would someday change. It did. Despite the hardships Kim encountered for fifteen years, while raising her three children alone, she made the best life possible for them. In 2001 her sister was deployed and her two children also came to live with Kim.

With her brilliant mind, business savvy and graciousness, Kim became assistant to the CEO of a burgeoning global manufacturing company. Then she met and married a charming, and engaging man with three children, who also spent much of their time in their home as well.

Then Kim’s nephew and his wife, who are addicted to drugs, had three little girls, all born within three years. Because Kim knew the life these children would have if she didn’t intervene, she agreed when her nephew asked for help. The middle child, she then discovered, is mildly autistic. Needing to be home with the children, Kim began a virtual assistant business that she ran, between naps, feedings and way into the night.

Before long Kim’s marriage took a dark turn. Her husband began to abuse her and the children, physically, emotionally and verbally. The abuse finally took its toll, and at the end of 2006,Kim suffered an emotional breakdown . To save her children and herself, she asked him to leave, and miraculously he did so. However, this left them with no consistent financial support. That Christmas looked bleak with little food, no gifts for the children, and clothes, coats and shoes needed. WOVEN was able to help get donations, food, clothes and gifts for the children.

Then Kim became the executive assistant to another CEO, while maintaining many of her virtual clients. Each day she rises by 5:00, to pray and do a few work projects. She then gets the kids fed, dressed, and disbursed and is at work downtown by 7:30. In the evenings, she gathers them again, feeds, bathes, oversees homework, and has bedtime rituals. Then she does the housework, laundry, a few more work projects and gets to bed way past midnight. This is her daily routine, with little or no child support and no government supplement.

Although relieved from daily abuse, Kim continued to struggle to pay monthly bills, but she will quickly tell you she is a survivor, NOT a victim. The update to Kim’s story is that through work, she met a wonderful professional man . They were married and he cherishes Kim and all the children. She recently told me she had never known that life could be so sweet, so rich and fulfilling. It is WOVEN’s honor to reward this amazing woman for her courage, faithfulness, tenacity and endless mother’s love as one of our Women of Value.

Susie Whitehouse

WOVEN is privileged to honor an extraordinary woman who has touched her world with countless acts of kindness and has made an eternal contribution to others whom she will never know on earth.

Susie Whitehouse grew up in Wilmington, Delaware, the second of four children.. She graduated from Tower Hill School and Pine Manor College. She has been married to Bud Whitehouse for thirty years and they have two grown children of whom she is inordinately proud. Her son is a Naval aviator, married to another Naval officer, both deployed to different parts of the world. Her daughter is a wonderful young woman with a heart for missions.

Professionally, Susie spent the beginning of her career assisting people with some form of employment. Her natural gifts helped people find their fit in the fields of administration, accounting and finance. During the last sixteen years she has been a career coach and currently owns a career coaching business.

To those who know Susie they know she was born to be a connector of people. It is her primary joy in life, whether connecting those with a need to those who can meet the need, managers with prospective employees, someone with something to sell to those who need what they are selling. Or it could be just simply introducing those she thinks will like each other.

But her most well known attribute is her extraordinary ability to show compassion and friendship to all she meets. Many are the times that she anonymously leaves gift baskets, books and cards of encouragement on the door steps of those who needed a lift. She has spent countless hours collecting money and items for those in need, staying up with those who needed to be heard and she is especially well known for her handwritten notes of comfort. It is all these reasons, and more that she is one of WOVEN’s Women of Value.

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