Why Faith Matters

When I was a little girl, my teacher asked our fourth grade class to define faith.  No one responded, so she gave us an illustration.  “When you drive your car to the top of the hill, you believe that the road continues on the other side even though you cannot see it.  That’s faith.”  I winced at the illustration because something deep within me knew that faith encompassed so much more.  Timidly, I raised my hand.

“Faith is more than that,” I said.  “I can’t explain it yet, but I know it is something deeper and wider than your explanation.”

Through the years, I have learned how to wrap a few more defining words around the concept of
faith, for it has grown deeper and stronger within me throughout my life journey; yet, I wonder if I will ever fully know its remarkable power.  As a child, my parents spoke of faith often; and they took me to church regularly so that I could experience how it felt, learn how to express it through music, hear inspiring sermons that helped uncover it, and have opportunities to observe it in action.  They modeled faith-filled living for me.

Since then, faith has nourished and sustained me through tough times.  I have learned to use words of faith like weapons against my fears, and I have learned how to rest peacefully in the faith of Christ, knowing that He is the “Prince of Peace” and the best steward of my life.

What is faith, and why does it matter?  Here’s how I would respond to my teacher today.

Faith provides us with a fifth sense that enables the soul to connect the visible with the invisible aspects of life. It also serves as a rudder to give us purpose and direction, grounding our behavior and helping us think before we act: “Will this action contribute to the benefit of others and to my own health and wellbeing?”  It builds within us a proper response to the injustices of life because it causes us to remember that one day all actions will face examination by a higher authority, and true justice
will be served.

Blessed faith gives us hope for the future and enables us to look beyond our limited perspective to see possibilities in spite of our inadequacies and incomplete understanding.  Faith anchors itself in the omniscient God, who helps us connect the natural with the supernatural.

Faith helps us to spot the best in others and recognize the potential that exists in them; and it
helps us find ways to fan that potential in order to reclaim their lives, re-fire their imagination, and refuel them for meaningful living.

As we join with other people of faith, the resulting synergy not only leads to personal transformation and spiritual growth, but also leads us to change our culture; for faith causes us to care, connect, and commit.

Faith comes through reading the Holy Scriptures and finding within them wisdom that transcends human knowledge; and it enables us to translate those truths into actions that glorify God and strengthen others. Faith helps us see beyond the obvious, reach behind defenses, and applygrace and kindness to wounded souls.

Faith is the conduit through which every spiritual gift and life provision comes to us.  Without it, we are hopelessly blind and deaf—with eyes that do not see the hand of God at work, and ears that do not hear heaven’s whisper.

When we come to the end of our earthly journey, faith, hope, and love will serve as the standards of measurement for a well-lived life (I Corinthians 13).  So live well. Live a faith-filled life.
Rev. Marlyn B. DeFoggi is the author of, “Daily Meditations for Life’s Journey,” a devotional book that helps people connect faith with life.  Marlyn has been a guest speaker for women’s conferences in the United States as well as in Germany, Romania, Slovakia, and Brazil.  Her articles have been published in “Just Between Us” magazine and others.  She serves as an associate pastor directing Women’s Ministries and Small Groups in her home church in Richmond, Virginia.  Her devotional book is available through the WEAG Bookstore at 804-754-0704. You can read her weekly inspirational article on her blog at MarlynDeFoggi.com.  Marlyn’s e-mail address is marlyn@weag.org.

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