The Seven Life Areas

WOVEN works to provide information that educates, empowers and inspires so that every woman (and her children) knows her true value and can live with purpose and balance. To do this, we must seek health in all seven life areas.

Physical Needs This life area is listed first because without a “House” in which the rest of us can function, we simply don’t exist on this earth. it is critical that we get our house in order so we can live the long life, and the physically healthy life, we need to do all the things that can change our world. This can be anything from understanding the importance of dental health, aging well and living longer to what exercise works best for us.

Emotional Needs Emotional needs are a spectrum from easy to correct self-esteem issues to abuse and suicide on the other. Workshops on self-esteem and discovering purpose are the most often requested topics. Unfortunately, countless women are trapped in abusive and often forgotten lives. They pass this hopeless existence on to their children, teaching the girls how to accept abuse and the boys how to give it. WOVEN wants to give women ways to give value to their children, providing a legacy of respect, faith, contribution and a passion for achieving their personal greatness.

Spiritual Needs WOVEN’s perspective is that every person is placed in this time and space to contribue only what they have been equipped to do in her world. From a daily deovtion time to making life decisions based on faith, WOVEN wants to give inspiration and hope through helping women discover their own personal relationship with God and filling their lives with joy and contribution. Read Articles.

Mental Needs Needs for continuing development of skills and education are as varied as every individual. WOVEN wants to help women become their personal and professional best by providing the appropriate training needed as well as making recommendations for continuing and higher education.

Relationship Needs One of the most demanding (and rewarding) parts of life are from those around us. To help women have healthy relationships, WOVEN provides information on everything from setting boundaries to how to deal with difficult people. Self-discovery and its part in relationships are also crucial to relationship success. When needed, counseling, safe houses and other appropriate resources are recommended.

Professional/Vocational Needs These needs can range from leadership skills, image packaging and marketing, skills identification and job matching to professional development, including presentation skills and entrepreneurship. Information in this area can assist the individual in determining her place in the workforce, identifying strengths and passions and helping her discover where she is best suited to contribute…professionally, vocationally, avocationally or in starting her own business. Read Articles.

Financial Needs More and more women are finding themselves their family’s primary income source…globally, this has often been true. But financial health is the goal of this life area and WOVEN finds resources that gives information to help make finances more stable through reducing debt and cost saving measures. However, where women have more control and more discretionary income, information on where to get financial management, such as planning, budgeting and investment education is provided.

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