About Us

WOVEN began internationally in Kazakhstan and Romania conducting large women’s conferences and helping establish women’s resource centers. The first US women’s resource center is in our home city of Richmond, Virginia, where we also host inspirational Hour to Empower luncheons and dinners bi-monthly and provide workshops and training on requested topics.

Additionally, WOVEN extends information and inspiration through our Value Kits™ to children who are abused and entering foster care as well as to the elderly who need to feel valued. Renee wanted these children to hear her own mother’s voice whispering to these children, as she did to her, “You are here on purpose. You are here to change your world.”

Through this site, WOVEN wants to inform in seven critical life areas by providing helpful how-to articles, and resources available (for Central Virginia). We intend to expand resources to those that can be accessed nationally as well. We want to inspire through stories of women who have overcome challenges and fulfilled their destinies of greatness. We want to provide an opportunity for you to partner with us in this mission.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site. Remember you are a child of God who was strategically placed in this time and space in history and equipped (yes, including the challenges you’ve faced) to make a difference and fulfill your destiny of greatness through loving God and serving the people of your world.

Speaker Services

If you or your organization needs a speaker for your next conference or retreat,or if you wish to introduce WOVEN to your professional, church or civic organization, please visit our Contact section to call or e-mail for booking information.

Upcoming Hour to Empower

WOVEN's next Hour to Empower Luncheon

Friday, March 20, 2020 - 11:45a-1:15pm


Richmond Country Club

12950 Patterson Avenue

Richmond VA 23238

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